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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a profession that combines three major disciplines: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

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Research chemicals products list

Research Chemicals is a global company with distribution facilities in the United Kingdom. They have manufacturing laboratories in the EU and in Asia. They are concerned primarily with supplying chemicals for a variety of research purposes. Their customers include medical and educational institutions, medical professionals such as toxicologists and biochemists and also chemistry students. The chemicals supplied are of excellent quality enabling the recipients to carry out studies and tests in the medical community with complete confidence.

Orders can be shipped in any quantity and delivery is usually by Royal Mail's parcels service or any of the popular logistics companies such as Parcel Force Global Express or UPS for larger international orders. Where products are shipped directly from the manufacturing laboratories companies such as EMS and TNT are used.

A number of different chemical products are available and they can be broken down into four separate categories. A few examples in each category are quoted below with a brief description of their origins and popular use:

* Research chemicals

Ethylphenidate, also known as EP, is a commonly used stimulant used by both professionals and students. It is taken to increase mental performance, mood and stamina.
Camfetamine, a pure rock structure chemical, is used as a stimulant but also has appetite suppressant properties.

* Cannabinoids.

STS-135 is a recently discovered synthetic cannabinoid and is particularly suitable as an experimental research chemical due to its binding capabilities to the endogenous cannabinoid receptors.
Incense blends are basically a customised product that enables customers to obtain the exact blend for their needs. They include up to 4 different cannabinoids in a range of 5 different flavours.

* Tryptamines

Alpha-methyltryptamine, abbreviated to aMT, has its origins in an entactogen and general hallucinogenic psychoactive substance called DMT. The chemical structure has been slightly changed but aMT is known to be an excellent product used in studies into the important neurotransmitter serotonin.

N,N-diallyl-5-methoxytryptamine, abbreviated to 5-MeO-DALT, was synthesised by the famous American scientist Alexander Shulgin. Famous for his research into psychedelic drugs, Shulgin is a medicinal chemist, biochemist, pharmacologist and psychopharmacologist. 5-MeO-DALT is a compound that has been popular since its introduction in 2004 but, thus far, is only licensed for in-vitro (outside living organism) research.

* Pellet Products

Diclazepam is an in-vitro compound commonly used as an anxiolytic and muscle relaxant. It is available to medical researchers who require forensic standards and chemical samples for analytics purposes. Additionally those interested in clarifying the details of benzodiazepine analogues will find this product useful.

Flubromazepam is one of the Benzodiazepine derivatives; a type of medicine used the world over which have powerful anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and sedative properties. Flubromazepam, a close relative of Bromazepam, is commonly used as a treatment for panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety.

As researchers and students are likely to be using very small amounts of the chemicals ordered for their experiments Research Chemicals recognises the need for accurate digital chemical weighing scales. The company is able to supply this essential tool. The scales can accurately measure amounts weighing 0.1g and the maximum allowable quantity is 1kg.

Pharma Chemicals

Research & Development

Our chemical development and manufacturing specialties include our Green Chemistry Toolbox for biocatalysis, homogenous catalysis and micro reactor technology with an integrated approach of chemistry and biotechnology.

Chemistry and Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession, exercised with the title Chemical - Pharmaceutical, is oriented toward science, technology and use of medicines in order to meet the needs of the population in this important aspect of health. Career Opportunities: These professionals can exercise independently, installing its own pharmacy or pharmaceutical laboratory.